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Hi my name is Graham and this is my professional story.

Fundamentally, I have always been interested in people and why it is that some people are able to sail through life and knowingly or unknowingly able achieve their potential, while for others, it’s an uphill challenge and progressive journey.

This may be measured from a number of perspectives from say financial success or from looking more holistically at body, mind and spirit and healing toward wholeness. Either way, for some the road is fairly level while for others there’s an upward path.

Two very different threads of measure perhaps, but nonetheless a reflection of how I engaged with daily life for much of my professional career, with a steady incline throughout. For many years I worked in the business and finance sector assisting people with their personal financial affairs, but in addition to this I also found a deeper and more meaningful purpose by helping individuals through the lens of complementary medicine and seeing how subtle energy could influence and improve health through the human energy field as a reflection of the human body. Working from the outside in, rather than from within the body as traditional medicine tends to do.

Healing towards wholeness has and remains a passion for me and for number of years I practiced as a subtle energy or faith healer using vibrational tools ranging from colour and sound to crystals. I studied during the 1990s in London for a diploma at the International College of Crystal Healing for 2 years and then later undertaking further advanced studies at the Vibrational Healing Foundation, also based in London.

While clients often reported finding healing sessions helpful, they also expressed a desire to discuss and explore their subsequent experiences, reporting body, mind and feeling sensations (some peak and others not) which had surfaced from the unconscious. They wished to know how these could be processed and made meaning of. At that point I realised I needed to refer these clients on to other professionals who engaged in talking therapies so their presenting issues could be counselled.

So for me, while I was able to play valuable part in the clients’ personal journey as a healer, it was not sufficient in itself to guide the client and work with them as part of their self-development and unfolding process, whether this was for short term symptom relief or for a longer staged journey toward reaching their potential and wellbeing.

So Five years ago I took the decision to retrain as a counsellor at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London, an accredited BACP course awarded by Middlesex University. I wished to play a more responsive and involved part in clients’ personal growth, development and healing and for me this was the way forward. I finally obtained a post graduate diploma in integrative psychosynthesis counselling at the end of May 2019.

The Psychosynthesis Course, while centred on the psychology and orientation founded by Roberto Assagioli (1888 - 1974 ) also introduced other modalities and studies of human nature and paid attention to what have historically become known as the “4 forces of psychological development” which are: Analytic, Cognitive/Behavioural, Humanistic and Transpersonal.

Since graduating from the Psychosynthesis Trust I have undertaken clinical work as a qualified counsellor and therapist. I now work from 2 locations (see home & contact pages) and I have also joined the diploma training team at the Wantage Counselling and Training Centre, having permanently left the financial world at the end of January 2020.

In addition to incorporating the psychosynthesis philosophy, I also integrate the 4 forces mentioned above into my work through mind, body (biology) and feelings as integrative psychosynthesis. My approach is adaptive to clinical need, while always holding the ethical framework and guidelines of the professional body to which I belong: the BACP.

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